Three Type of Benefits Suppliers Provide Their Customers

Suppliers provide three types of benefits to their customers.

  • Functional benefits – This relates the the physical nature or performance of a product.  Some examples include, the frame rate of a camera, the picture on an HD TV, or storage capacity on a MP3 player.  Functional benefits are often the only benefit considered because of the ease of measure against competing products.
  • Process benefits – These benefits make the transaction between buyer and seller simpler, quicker and even more pleasant.  Apples ITunes store is a great example where customers can download music, books, movies, and TV shows and they sync automatically to various Apple devices.
  • Relationship benefits – These benefits are more softer in a nature and include relationship benefits such as a customer’s emotional attachment to a brand or professional service provider.  Relationship benefits are also derived from loyalty reward programs, etc.

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