Is your sales process broken?

I was recently looking to hire a new landscaping company to take care of the grounds each week of the office park where are office is located.  I didn’t know who to call so I started off by calling the company that takes care of the common areas in the housing addition. They took down some general information about where the office park was etc. and said they would stop by there and call me back with a quote.

Later that same day I was driving back to the office and noticed a landscaping crew was taking care of the grounds at the bank right down the street from my office so I pulled into the bank parking lot and sure enough right on the back of their big trailer is the company name and phone numbers so I give them a call and the lady that answers the phone takes down my name and phone number and the address of the office park and says somebody will stop by there and they will give me a call with an quote.

On the way home that night while driving down the street I see a guy on a big riding lawn mower mowing the grass at a church so I pull in an explain that I would like to get a quote on taking care of the grounds at our office park and I leave him a business card with the address and my phone number and he says I will take a look and get back with you.

This is where business owners may need to sit down.  Guess how many of them actually called me back?  Believe it or not, only one!  Any guesses as to who got the job?  I waited for five days and only one called me back with a quote, unbelievable.  Potential customers are too hard to come by to not follow-up with one that has contacted you looking for exactly what you do.  Because the other two businesses had a sales process that was broken it costs them over $6,000 in revenue just in this one instance.  I can’t believe that is the only time that has happened at those two companies that didn’t get back with me.  Think about how much revenue they lose a year because their system is broken.  Now think of the life time value of a $6,000 customer if we use them for ten years that is $60,000 in lost revenue because you didn’t follow through.  It is this lack of attention to the details that kills businesses.

If you think your sales process may be broken or worse yet don’t have one give us a call 405-759-2796 to discuss how to design one or repair your existing process.

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