Ascension CPA Turns Digital Marketing Firm’s Financial Picture Around

Digital marketing firm, Bridges, began enjoying success and growth soon after the firm was created. However, their quick growth brought increasingly complicated financials, and they realized they needed outside assistance to get a handle on their books — before it was too late.

About the Client

Bridges is an Oklahoma City-based B2B digital marketing firm. As a successful innovative, award-winning firm, their diverse clientele roster has grown to include businesses from around the world.

The Challenge

In the firm’s early years, the growth in clients and employees brought financial challenges for founding partners Ashley Quintana and Jake Fisher. They were having trouble getting a read on their financial situation and the books were becoming too complicated to be done in-house.

When the pair decided to enlist outside financial assistance, they wanted someone who could assess things like cash flow and net income. They also wanted someone who could establish financial controls and help them strategize a financial plan.

After unsuccessfully working with a bookkeeping firm and then an online virtual CPA firm, Bridges joined forces with Ascension CPA.

When they contacted Ascension CPA, the situation was dire.

The Solution

Ascension assumed control of all bookkeeping and accounting functions. They went to work bringing the books up to date. They directed the immediate financial steps that were needed to make the firm more efficient. The team at Ascension monitored spending and cash flow closely.

With the guidance of Ascension’s part-time CFO services, the agency was scaled for growth and developed a complete financial plan with long-range strategic goals.

Throughout the relationship, Ascension has worked closely with Bridges’ leadership team. This ensures they have a complete understanding of the financials to make informed financial decisions for the firm.

With Ascension, Bridges found the comprehensive help they needed for their bookkeeping, accounting, and financial planning needs.


As a result of the partnership between the two firms, Bridges has experienced a successful financial turnaround. They have continued to grow, but now they also enjoy a healthy profit while knowing where they stand financially.

Ascension CPA offers a complete range of accounting, bookkeeping, and part-time CFO services.  Read the entire story of how these services helped Bridges make a full financial turnaround here.

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